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How to Care for Your Lawn in the Summer

Summer can be a harsh couple of months for also the healthiest of grass with the greatest of summer lawn care. The summer months usually bring greater heat, much less rainfall, and more regular foot traffic, definitely not an excellent mix for a lawn! In addition to the raised risk of damage to your lawn, the summer months are when most lawn turfs expand the fastest.

If you do not stay up to date with consistent mowing, you could find your overgrown and susceptible to pet/bug invasions, grass damage, or even compaction! So what do you do when summer rolls about and you are intent on maintaining your lawn looking great, inside and out? Simply read this simple summer lawn care guide and follow the tips, tricks, and more to always keep your lawn in excellent form.

Feed your lawn BEFORE the most popular days of summer shows up.

You could feel lured to resist feeding your lawn until the summer heat dries it out—but feeding your lawn about thirty days before the most popular summer weather in your location shows up will help your lawn deal with the increase in temperature level. When feeding your lawn for the summer, constantly use a sluggish launch nitrogen fertilizer with a reduced portion of nitrogen. You do not want to use any fertilizer which will increase the risk for charred grass in the summer!

Leave the summer swimming pools and Slip'n'Slides in the shed, or use them just on hardscape.

Among the easiest ways to ruin your lawn in the summer is to set summer swimming pools, such as plastic kiddy swimming pools, or various other summer water playthings like Slip'N'Slides and water-based playhouses. While these items may provide summer enjoyment for your kids, it is anything but enjoyable when it comes to the damage they can do in your lawn.

They can smother your grass, triggering brownish spots or even killing the grass underneath them. If you must highlight the pool for your family, set it up in a location of hardscapes such as a rock patio or graveled
location. And if, for any factor, you definitely must set these playthings up on the grass… be ready to treat brownish spots or even dead spots in the future in the year.

Water your lawn constantly to always keep it from drying.

Sprinkling your lawn is the crucial type of upkeep you will do throughout the summer. If your lawn doesn't obtain enough water, it will dry up, go brownish, and it could also pass away. Usually, grass needs about an inch of water every week to stay healthy and balanced. Some grass may need much less, and others may need more. It is important to take your lawn into factor to consider.

For example, if you're in a location with summer rainfalls, you will probably not need to water as regularly as someone in a location with almost no rainfall in the summer. You can perform a simple test by leaving out empty cans on the lawn while you water and measure the quantity of water in the can later if you are not sure about how much water you're spreading out throughout the lawn. You should water very early in the early morning throughout the summer so that your lawn remains properly damp throughout the warm day.

Mow your grass as-needed.

For many people, the summer means great deals and lots… and great deals of mowing. However, how often you mow your grass in the summer should not be readied to a particular schedule, such as regular or bi-weekly. You should just mow your grass on an as-needed basis. This will prevent you from over-mowing, or cutting, your lawn. In the summer, you should mow very early in the early morning or late in the evening, not in the middle of the day.

Mowing your lawn throughout these colder times of the moment will make it easier to properly cut your grass, as the grass will still maintain most of its moisture. After mowing your lawn, you should compost your grass clippings back into the lawn. This will provide them a natural (and free!) form of nourishment, which is specifically needed throughout the summer months.

Taking proper care of your lawn throughout the summer can sometimes appear frustrating, but by taking consistent care of your lawn with fertilizer and proper mowing, you can ensure your lawn will stay green and healthy, and balanced throughout the warm summer months.

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